Unpopular Truths Of Success, Nutrition, and Self-Love with Emily Frisella – EP. 012

Ready For Some Truth Bombs?

In this episode, I’m joined by the incredibly dynamic Emily Frisella. Emily is a twice-published author, clean eating chef, creator of the lifestyle brand Fit Home & Health, Co-host of the Food in Session Nutrition Podcast, Founder of The Women in Business Workshop, COO of 44Seven Media, Business Coach & Public Speaker.

Tune in for a jam-packed 40 minutes full of valuable insights across a variety of topics – entrepreneurship, creating a healthy lifestyle, earning self-love, and managing relationships no matter how busy you are. Despite Emily’s immense success, she has a gift for making her message ultra-relatable for anybody at any stage of their life.


In This Episode


You Will Learn:

  • Emily’s early entrepreneurial story that proves age doesn’t matter when it comes to business
  • How Emily’s early entrepreneurial success didn’t directly translate to happiness and what she did to fix it
  • The truth about creating self-love and improving your relationship with yourself that is far different than what society has been telling you
  • 2 very common diet and fitness myths that sabotage success
  • The problem with diets and how to instead create a sustainable healthy lifestyle
  • How to find balance in a relationship when either one or both partners are super-busy high achievers


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