The Underdog Advantage with Zach Babcock – EP. 017

Are You An Underdog?

On this episode I’m joined by Zach Babcock. Zach is an ex-con turned entrepreneur. He spent over 5 years in prison, and after getting out of prison in 2014, went on to eventually become a successful podcaster, entrepreneur, and now public speaker.

He now runs underdog empowerment, a top-rated apple podcast and resource designed to help alpha under entrepreneurs win by building a dominant brand and explosive 6 figure businesses.

Zach’s story is proof that anyone can turn their life into one of success, no matter what obstacles you face. He also breaks down how being an underdog and underestimated is actually one of the greatest gifts.


In This Episode


You Will Learn:

  • How being an underdog is actually a huge advantage
  • The moment of intense pain that caused him to turn his life around
  • How Zach’s burn-the-boats mentality paid off in a major way
  • Zach’s bumpy story of success that proves anyone can make it, regardless of your current situation
  • The little-known secret to launching a top-rated podcast


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