How To Use Neuromarketing, Dopamine, And Psychology To Gain A Competitive Advantage with Alex Vonderhaar – 066

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Have You Ever Used A Reverse Funnel To Gain Competitive Advantage?

Alex Vonderhaar is a neuromarketer and the CEO of Hidden Falls Media, which provides marketing services for e-commerce brands. He is also host of the Neuro Hive Podcast, guitarist, and Arete Syndicate member.

If you have any interest in marketing, sales, or psychology, then this is an absolute can’t-miss episode. It’s full of golden nuggets and insights I guarantee you won’t get anywhere else.

In fact, this is one of those episodes where you’ll want to re-listen and take notes. Tune in and get ready to greatly expand your knowledge around marketing, branding, sales, and human psychology.


In This Episode:


What You’ll Learn:

  • What neuromarketing is and how it can help you
  • Why most marketing tactics only work temporarily
  • What a reverse funnel is
  • How to rewire the way your brain uses dopamine
  • The one person who Alex considers to be Not Most People
  • What is working in online marketing right now
  • Next-level marketing insights you won’t get anywhere else
  • Why understanding human psychology is the ultimate life hack

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