Becoming Ungraduated And Dropping Out Of Outdated Belief Systems with Ken Hannaman – 057

How Do You Live Life On Your Own Terms?

Ken Hannaman is an executive leader in the restaurant industry with the responsibility of 700+ restaurants. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, he is also an author, writer, and possibility mindset coach.

Ken has not navigated life on traditional terms, having marched against social norms and have forged a life well lived on their own terms, defined through them, and away from societal labels.

Through his own life experiences and rewiring of his own programming, Ken has broken free of the outdated belief systems that were holding him back from all his life passions and desires. His first book, Ungraduated: Finding Your Why And Dropping Out Of Outdated Belief Systems –  is a result of his own inner work, reflection, and real-life learnings that he hopes will inspire others to discover the lives they so desire.

This is hands-down one of my favorite discussions that I’ve had with a guest on the podcast, as Ken’s outlook and areas of expertise align very closely with that of Not Most People.


In This Episode:


What You’ll Learn:

  • What it means to become Ungraduated
  • The main outdated belief systems that most people fall into
  • How labels placed on us by fear, authority, and religion can sometimes hold us back
  • Why always asking “why?” is the key to unlocking higher levels in your life
  • The science behind manifestation
  • How science and religion are more aligned than we might think

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