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What Keeps You From Traveling?

In this episode, I’m joined by Rolf Potts. Rolf has reported from more than sixty countries for the likes of National Geographic Traveler, Outside, the New York Times Magazine, NPR, and the Travel Channel.

His adventures have taken him across six continents, and include adventures such as piloting a fishing boat 900 miles down the Laotian Mekong, hitchhiking across Eastern Europe, traversing Israel on foot, bicycling across Burma, driving a Land Rover across South America and traveling around the world for six weeks with no luggage or bags of any kind.

Potts is perhaps best known for promoting the ethic of independent travel, and his newest book, The Vagabond’s Way: 366 Meditations on Wanderlust, Discovery, and the Art of Travel, was published this past October of 2022. His bestselling debut book, Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel has been through thirty-seven printings and translated into several languages worldwide.

This was personally one of my favorite and most surreal episodes as a host because Rolf’s first book Vagabonding was one that shifted my outlook and changed my life for the better.

In This Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Lessons that can only be learned through international travel
  • Debunking the many myths that keep most people from traveling
  • How travel and adventure brings you into the present
  • Tactics for traveling more with limited time and money
  • How to travel long-term for less than your regular living expenses
  • What living with little (or no) belongings teaches you about life
  • Rolf’s favorite, least favorite, and most surprising countries
  • How Rolf literally circled the globe without so much as a fanny pack
  • The pros and cons of technology, social media, and smartphones in trave

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