How To Deprogram Your Mind And Find Natural Solutions To Modern Problems with Troy Casey – EP. 013

Ready To Get Red-Pilled?

On this episode, I’m joined by Troy Casey aka The Certified Health Nut. Troy is a world-renowned life coach and healer who has lectured and taught throughout the world, appearing on numerous tv shows, news programs, documentaries, and books around the world. 

This is due to his ability to successfully restore physical, mental, and emotional balance to clients who have failed with all other systems. He walks the walk and is a living example of being “Ripped-At-50” (the title of his best-selling book)

If you want an interesting episode that is going to really make you think, this is it. Tune in as we cover a wide range of inter-related topics including longevity, alternative health methods, deprogramming your mind, victim mentality, the modeling world, propaganda, and more. 

Many of the ideas shared you likely have never heard anywhere else before, so prepare to have the way you look at the world and at health challenged in a thoughtful way.

Troy does not hold back in his mission to share the truth, however uncomfortable that may make people. He is relentlessly authentic and his message is not for the faint-of-heart, but rather those who seek the truth over convenience. This episode is truly for those who are Not Most People.


In This Episode


You Will Learn:

  • How being at the top of the modeling world led to his bottom in life
  • 3 powerful exercises for finding your purpose
  • How to capitalize on the current “gift economy” 
  • The difference between being a victim and having a victim mentality 
  • Alternative, foundational health principles not found anywhere else
  • How those in power have used divide and conquer to gain more power and control
  • How to turn your curse into your gift
  • Simple solutions for many seemingly complex modern problems
  • How to avoid falling into the trap of money-chasing
  • And a host of other wisdom-bombs


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