The Power Of Saying Yes And Knowing Your Values with Jim Riley – 046

Why Is Saying Yes and Knowing Your Values So Powerful? 

Jim Riley has spent his entire life saying yes to career changes and unique opportunities that align with his foundational values.

He runs a successful consulting business in Kalispell, Montana, and is known for smart strategic thinking, insightful operations, business growth, and high-pressure transitions.

He is currently the host of two successful podcasts, “The Answer is “Yes” and “The Liberty of Lose”.

In addition to overseeing two of his own business, Jim has also played a major role in helping to grow and market well-known brands such as In-N-Out and Kettle One Vodka. 

He is also a father, husband, speaker, school board trustee, and arete syndicate member. 

Tune in as Jim shares golden nuggets from his incredible wealth of knowledge and life experience that are guaranteed to help you take your life to the next level in all areas.


In This Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • The number one determiner of long term relationship or business success
  • How Jim made his In-N-Out location the most successful in the country
  • Why job salary is becoming less and less important compared to culture
  • How to know how much to say yes or no to 
  • How Jim runs multiple successful businesses and still finishes working by 1 pm
  • Why values are more important than goals 
  • How to leverage your unique skillsets and experience into new opportunities
  • Why college degrees are becoming less of a requirement for job opportunities

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