Blending Science With “Woo Woo” And Constantly Questioning Your Beliefs with Dr. Michael DiMarco – 047

How Can You Leverage Quantum Physics To Create The Life You Want?

In this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Michael DiMarco. He is the co-Founder of Shredz Supplements, (A multi-million dollar supplement brand.), licensed chiropractor, and brain performance coach where he focuses on equipping leaders with the tools, knowledge, and techniques based on brain science, quantum physics and ancients wisdom to transform their lives from the inside out. He is also the founder of Wolf Child Co, an all-natural new supplement brand for dogs.

Tune in for a varied and thought-provoking conversation that covers a wide variety of valuable concepts. We dive into brain science, quantum physics, woo woo culture, business, and much more.

Come ready to think, get introspective, and expand your thinking in a major way in this episode.


In This Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why physical training often leads to personal development for many people
  • The huge difference between what you are and who you are
  • How to know when to course-correct and change paths in life
  • Why ancient Egyptians mummify the heart but not the brain
  • How you can leverage quantum physics to create the life you want
  • Why happiness is our natural state but so many are unhappy
  • How most people give away their personal power without realizing it
  • Why understanding what you are is more important than understanding who you are
  • How to create a healthy relationship with your emotions
  • Why most people run from what they don’t fully understand
  • How to measure results that can’t be quantified with numbers
  • The difference between being a multidimensional renaissance man and scattered
  • How our brain and body acts as an antenna and how to properly tune it
  • How to develop a keen filter for figuring out what information is correct 

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