How To Leverage Your Unique Skills To Create Something Nobody Else Can with Andris Lagsdin – 045

How Can You Create Something New With Your Talents Or Skills?

Andris Lagsdin is the creator of Baking Steel. He received his pizza education while working for Chef Todd English, but had given up the restaurant life to work in his family’s steel business until he discovered a way to combine the two and create a product that changed his life.

Tune in for a fun balance of stories and valuable insights as we recount Andris’s truly unique story of how he created Baking Steel. His story is one that you will have many takeaways from.

You will learn valuable lessons in entrepreneurship and how you can combine your unique skill set to create something truly original if you want to.


In This Episode:


What You’ll Learn:

  • The exact lightbulb moment that Andris Lagsdin realized he had something special
  • How to know if an idea is really worth pursuing or not
  • Why it’s so important to test your ideas with the right people
  • How Andris combined his two unique skillsets to create something totally new
  • What kind of job you should get when you’re young
  • How to leverage your unique skillsets and experience into new opportunities
  • Why steel is the ultimate cooking material that nobody really uses

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