The Power Of Taking Risks And Venturing Off The Beaten Path with Scott Wilson – 050

How Do You Take Risks And Venture Off The Beaten Path?

In this special 50th episode of The Not Most People Podcast, I’m joined by Scott Wilson. Scott is the co-host and co-creator of “Departures”, “Descending” and “Into The Rising Sun“ travel TV programs.

Scott has been an avid traveler since he was 5 years old and has flown over 1.2 million kilometers to over 80 countries and all 7 continents. He is a commercial scuba diver, motorcyclist enthusiast, and licensed airplane pilot.

This is a special episode for me personally. Departures, a show that Scott co-hosted and co-created, is my all-time favorite TV show.

Tune in as we learn the backstory of how Scott and his business partner Andre started the show with no money or connections, and how 3 years of traveling the world taught him things and provided experiences he never could have gotten anywhere else.


In This Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Scott got his initial love of travel at a young age
  • The importance of taking risks to achieve success
  • Why most Americans view travel differently than many other cultures
  • How to create more authentic content than anyone else
  • Scott’s favorite, least favorite, most surprising countries he has visited
  • The history of the hit tv show Departures that almost never was 
  • How surviving a plane crash inspired Scott to become a pilot
  • How not traveling can narrow your perspective in a negative way
  • Why there are fewer Americans who do world travel compared to most other cultures
  • How people evolve through long-term travel in ways they otherwise couldn’t

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