Achieving Every Type Of Freedom, Destroying Limiting Beliefs, And Uncovering Your True Identity with Kim Koopman – 070

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Have You Ever Met An Identical Triplet?

In this episode, I’m joined by Kim Koopman. Kim is the owner of Unbroken Life Coaching, a certified holistic life coach, wife, and mother. She is also an identical triplet, which had a significant effect on how she viewed herself throughout most of her life.

Tune in as we manage to go deep on several important topics while also keeping the conversation light and fun. We go into the unique perspective and identity crisis that came with being an identical triplet, what that taught her about herself, and how she is now using that experience to help others uncover their true identity and release harmful beliefs.

Additionally, we cover the different types of freedom, how to navigate the rapidly-growing coaching space, and some key fundamentals of practical psychology.

This is one of those episodes that will change the lives of and hit at “just the right time” for many listeners.


In This Episode:


What You’ll Learn:

  • How to uncover who you truly are even during an identity crisis
  • The many different types of freedom and how to achieve them all
  • 2 simple ways to tell if a coach or thought leader has your best interests in mind
  • Why a life without freedom isn’t really a life at all
  • How to systematically destroy beliefs about yourself that don’t serve you
  • Why simplicity and happiness are strongly correlated

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