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How Do I Put An End To Self Sabotage Patterns?

In this episode, I’m joined by Shaun Zimmer AKA The Viking. Shaun is a devoted father, spiritual student, teacher, community leader, health enthusiast, public speaker, activist, freedom fighter, rescuer of masculinity, protector, and provider.

He is a man who has set out to succeed with selfless devotion, willing to step out front and do what’s necessary to help all within his reach as exemplified by becoming a leader through peaceful noncompliance during the many lockdowns and mandates of 2020 and 2021.

Please tune in for a densely packed episode as we discuss ending self-sabotage, psychedelics, standing against oppressive governments, uncommon parenting, masculine vs feminine, spirituality, and more.

In This Episode:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why most people think about treats and cheat meals completely wrong
  • How to end the self-sabotage patterns that hold most people back
  • The key to balancing your masculine and feminine energies
  • How to use peaceful noncompliance in response to unjust mandates and laws
  • Why it’s sometimes important to stand against authority/the govt.
  • How Shaun’s parenting memes with his daughter went viral
  • The 2 books that Shaun recommends everyone read

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