Learning From Millionaires and How To Publish Best-Selling Books with Mike Fallat – Ep. 002

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What Can You Learn From Millionaires?

In this episode, I had a great time interviewing Mike Fallat – the founder of Dreamstarter publishing, which has now published over 220 Best-Selling books for entrepreneurs. He has also written multiple books himself and recently started his own magazine.

Mike’s story is both inspiring and relatable at the same time as he details how he failed several times before having any sort of success in business despite “doing everything right”.

You’re also going to want to take notes as Mike drops countless gold nuggets on what it really takes to succeed as an entrepreneur, how to upgrade your life by upgrading your peer group, and the inside scoop on how to create a best-selling book and leverage it into countless other opportunities.

He also shares 3 little-known secrets of success out of his new book Inner Circle: What I Learned Interviewing Millionaires that you can’t afford to miss.


In This Episode


You Will Learn:

  • How Mike kept himself going despite 4 straight failed businesses
  • 3 laws of success he learned from working with millionaires
  • The secrets to creating an Amazon Best Seller book
  • How to leverage a book into countless other career opportunities


Favorite Quote

“You want to break it down to why I’ve had success in the past two years, three years is because of my circle. It’s what spawned the idea inner circle, and so memberships programs that you’re talking about you masterminds however you want to look at it. If you are around the same people, you are five, seven, ten years ago, there’s something wrong there. And the reason why is because you and you know we’ve all heard the same phrase where you are the product of the five people you hang around Les Brown says if he met you, and he knew Your your friends and your your closest five people, he can ballpark your income within $2,000. And I don’t know how close that is. But think about how crazy that is, it is so true, you show me four millionaires. And the person hangs out with those four miners will eventually be a millionaire. It’s just, it’s the law of you want to call it the proximity of power.” – Mike Fallat


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