Defying “Normal” And Thriving As The Black Sheep with David Valverde (Part 2) – 074

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Have You Ever Felt Like The Black Sheep?

David Valverde is a thought leader, researcher, carnivorous reader, coach, writer, artist, and ultimately aware of his infinite potential to achieve whatever he wants in life.

Despite the fact that David is a lifelong friend of mine, he is wise beyond his years, and he always inspires me to think greater than my circumstances. He lets us in on his secret to maximizing productivity by balancing your masculine and feminine energies in this exclusive 2-part episode.

Tune in as we discuss what it’s like to take a path most (including your family) probably don’t understand. If you’ve ever felt like you were the black sheep of your family or circle of friends and on a path all your own, then this episode is one episode that will deeply resonate with you.


In This Episode:


What You’ll Learn: (Part 2)

  • How having a massive vision is actually easier to achieve than a smaller one
  • The 2 things every person’s mission needs to have
  • How to maximize productivity by balancing your masculine and feminine energies
  • David Valverde’s top 2 life-changing book recommendations
  • The profound lessons that David learned from utilizing mushrooms

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